Definitive rice quality control.


What is TotalSense?


Suitable for every type of rice, TotalSense™ is a compact, objective, quality analysis system, utilising the latest integrated network technology.

Set up in minutes, the system accurately analyses the lengths and percentage of broken grains in your rice sample, standardising your measurement of rice quality and making it easier to improve process performance and maximize yield.

 With further features in development, this advanced digital solution sets new standards in rice quality measurement for rice processors and traders worldwide. 

TotalSense explained

A low cost rice quality analysis solution offering processors freedom and peace of mind with consistent, reliable feedback on the quality of their rice. 

The light weight, compact portable light tent is supported by an intuitive, user friendly application which analyses your rice sample, sending a quality analysis report straight to your smartphone. 

The flexible, self-contained unit can be set up in minutes, analysing lengths and broken in one report: standardising your measurement of rice quality and making it easier to improve process performance and maximise yield.


How it works

1. Place your rice samples into your trays.

2. Open the app and take a picture.

3. Send it for our cloud-based analysis and receive a detailed report to your smartphone in minutes.

Customer testimonial

Watch how TotalSense helped our Swiss customer Brunnen to increase efficency in the rice analysis process and simplify the quality control process.

Benefits of using TotalSense

Service Packages 



  • Light tent
  • Sample tray
  • Defect tray
  • Unlimited access to our cloud based rice analysis system




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