Transforming your thermal operations

What is ThermalSuite?

ThermalSuite digital services


ThermalSuite digital services connects your operators directly to Bühler’s process knowledge.

Bühler can now work with customers in close partnership to deliver tangible benefits and empower your production team to achieve conditions and tolerances that are tightly aligned with achieving optimal yields.


Powered by Bühler Insights, ThermalSuite makes a tangible difference to the business’s bottom line and its environmental footprint – making industrial processes more efficient, improving quality and yield, and reducing waste, carbon emissions, water and energy.

Improve Quality

Improve quality

Full dryer automation, including monitoring, adjusting, as well as real time kill step verification

Save Energy

Save energy

See exactly how much you’re spending and how to improve performance

Reduce waste

Reduce waste 

Tools that reveal unseen trouble spots as well as discover hidden value

Increase Yield

Increase yield 

Guides customers where to discover and achieve sustainable yield increase

Data driven decision making through ThermalSuite

ThermalSuite, powered by Bühler Insights, provides a secure and reliable cloud infrastructure so both customers and Bühler can monitor, visualize and run insightful analytics on production data from dryer machines.

Data is collected and securely shared, then analyzed with powerful software tools and proven algorithms based on Bühler’s industry-leading thermal processing expertise. Actionable insights are created in real time that can optimize the efficiency of the thermal process.

Bühler creates a close digital relationship with your team to deliver our thermal processing knowledge in a sustainable way. For the first time ever, ThermalSuite enables both operators and Bühler to see how the machines are producing in real-time.

Key features

Operational intelligence

Real time dryer adjustments and feedback to operators

Product tracking

Links processing conditions to specific product runs

Evaporation control

Algorithm based dryer adjustments to achieve moisture targets


Safely tightens tolerances on output moisture targets

Humidity control

Controls dryer recirculation to adjust humidity


Converts existing process into a trusted kill step of bacteria

Steps to integrate ThermalSuite into your drying operations

ThermalSuite subscription packages



  • Operational intelligence
  • Product tracking
  • Evaporation control
  • Humidity control
  • MoisturePro or ProcessPro

Annual subscription per dryer line (USD) $100,000


Is ThermalSuite worth your investment?  Check our quick  ROI calculator

Do you want to know more about ThermalSuite?

Digitalization is transforming industries across the globe, unlocking the potential for gains in productivity, quality and sustainability. Bühler Aeroglide, the world’s leading conveyer drying manufacturer, is the first to leverage this potential for the world of thermal processing.

In this FREE whitepaper, we explore how to benefit your organization by:

  • Transforming your thermal process
  • Empowering your operators
  • Enabling our teams to collaborate to drive sustainable value

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