Smart Supply Chain

Improving profitability, quality and brand image from farm to fork.

What is Smart Supply Chain?

Smart supply chain is a digital services suite developed in partnership with agri-tech company CropIn. Web and smartphone applications provide stakeholders of the food value chain with a common platform to exchange information on the food they grow, transport, process, sell and eat. 

Professionals can rely on the tools to meet standards and regulations, improve their decision making and monitor operations thanks to smart features combining field data, satellite imagery and weather information.

Consumers, always in demand for traceability and food safety, will gain confidence in your brand and product by understanding the full food chain, tracing it back right to the farm and farmer which the product originated from.


Benefits of using Smart Supply Chain

Better farm practices management

Timely pest and disease management

Improvement of contract farming efficiency

Satellite and advanced weather information system

Employee productivity improvement

Enhanced supply chain management

Precise harvest output prediction

Full traceability, compliance and brand building

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Who benefits from the Smart Supply Chain 

Farmers and field staff
Monitoring crops in different plots.
Plant managers and producers
Taking smart decisions on crop operations and risk assessment.
Seed producers
Using cutting-edge technology for their activities.
Lending companies
Performing smart monitoring of loans.
Commodity traders
Forecasting crops price development.
Checking the effective origin of products.
Tracking their products‘ journey on their phone. 

Key facts about Smart Supply Chain

More than

10 million

farmers have enrolled 

More than


Crop varieties are included

Up to


Crop loss reduction



Yield improvement

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Smart Supply Chain
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