A food safety intelligence service designed to increase transparency across the food value chain and protect the reputation of your brand.

Are you aware of the food safety incidents and threats that could put your business at risk? is a digital food safety information portal that consolidates data from international food agencies, food alert systems, news sources, food manufacturers and social media, into a single access point. can be customized to ensure you stay up-to-date with all public food safety risks, relevant to the raw materials and ingredients, covered by your supply chains. 

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of websites, plus databases and social media channels.

Affected products


affected products have been identified to date.

Food safety risks


food safety risks have been detected.

The latest food safety alerts, recalls and complaints from a trusted source.

In an industry where speed of response can help avoid a food poisoning or food fraud incident, Bühler has developed to enhance transparency and to provide accurate, up-to-the minute, relevant information, by identifying potential threats to your supply chain to prevent them turning into serious issues. enables you to better manage food safety risks through customized early warnings and consolidated access to numerous data sources – saving time and enabling you to focus on your core activities. 

Advanced analytics and auto-translation make it easy to deep dive the datalake and carry out expert level risk analysis for products, ingredients and raw materials, providing you with the right insights to make informed decisions.


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Benefits of using

Helps prevent costly product recalls and reputational damage.

Customized early warning alerts.*

*Premium feature

Consolidated information from a single trusted, independent source.

Improves transparency for enhanced food and feed safety.

Knowledge base for food safety risk analysis.

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