A digital service designed to help food professionals staying ahead of food safety risks 


Easy and quick access to intelligently aggregated information. 

Detect emerging risks, minimize potential harm and manage your brand reputation with global data and solutions available in real time and 24/7. extracts and delivers insights on food safety threats, issues and solutions that are difficult to obtain manually. Be the first to know about potential food safety risks in your market.

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One of the world’s biggest food safety databases.



websites, official sources and social media channels.

Official records


official records have been identified to date.

Food safety incidents


food safety incidents have been detected in the past year.

Your daily update on food safety risks in the industry. 

Global trading and climate change increase the number of risks in food supply chains. 

In addition, outbreaks become more severe and spread faster.

Even though much is done to prevent outbreaks, bacteria, foreign objects, and different hazards can enter the production plants and lead to potential economic loss and brand damage. supports food professionals who bear the burden of responsibility to manage such risks. 

It facilitates risks evaluation and trend monitoring to prevent costly product recalls and food fraud incidents.

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Benefits of using

Ensure compliance helps to ensure compliance with standards, legislation and regulations. 

Early warnings


Custom alerts notify you before the actual risks become apparent.    

Relevant news

Relevant news captured for your needs and regrouped in a single and easy-to-read portal. 

News for the whole value chain

Monitor all food and hazard categories to effectively manage your supply chain and customers.

Find the right plan for you.

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