A digital service designed to help food professionals staying ahead of food safety risks


All relevant food safety news for your industry, in one trusted portal. is a trusted and comprehensive source of food safety news designed to help lowering the risk of food safety incidents along the food and feed value chains.

By scanning the latest product recall news, alerts and warnings from international and national food authorities, web pages and social media news, helps you to stay aware of trends and risks before they can affect your business. 

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of websites, plus databases and social media channels.

Affected products


affected products have been identified to date.

Food safety risks


food safety risks have been detected.

Keep track and quantify food and feed safety risks in the market. monitors all food categories and risks, including biological, chemical and physical hazards as well as food fraud events. It helps food safety managers by providing consolidated, accurate and relevant food safety news in a customized and easy-to-read format. The information and analytics can be used to make effective procurement and production decisions. facilitates risks evaluation and preventive measures to minimize the consequences of food safety incidents and product recalls. It can help to prevent costly product recalls and reputational damage in the whole value chain.


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Benefits of using

Ensure compliance

Ensure compliance with standards legislation and regulations.

Early warnings

Early warnings notify you before the actual risks become apparent. 

Relevant news

Relevant news captured for your needs and regrouped in a single and easy-to-read portal.

News for the whole value chain

News for the whole value chain to help you choose safe ingredients from the right suppliers.

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