Automatic and continual monitoring of raw material and pasta.

What is PastaSense?

Ensuring consistent, top quality is one of the main concerns of every pasta producer. PastaSenseTM is an innovative Bühler solution that - compared to infrequent, manual sampling - significantly improves quality monitoring. It continually records raw material and pasta characteristics in-line along the entire production process.

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Key facts about PastaSense

Continual monitoring

Every 3 seconds

PastaSenseTM measures all relevant parameters such as color, protein, ash and moisture content. 

Cost savings


One hour of wasted pasta costs more than USD 2000.

Quick ROI

1 year

On average, saving 1pp of waste for one year pays back the expenses for equipping two lines with PastaSenseTM.

How PastaSense works

Watch how PastaSenseTM helps you produce constant quality at increased production efficiency:

Benefits of using PastaSense


Consistent product quality

Consistent product quality.

Every three seconds, PastaSenseTM automatically measures color, protein, ash and moisture content.

Minimized waste

Minimized waste.

Thanks to an automatic alert function, reaction times are shortened and production waste can be minimized in case of quality deviations.

Reduced analytical workload

Reduced analytical workload.

Production personnel can reduce repetitive routine operations like manual sampling and product analysis, and focus on higher added-value activities.

Optimized processes

Optimized processes.

PastaSenseTM features a digital dashboard, which visualizes historic and current quality parameters. It compares different production lines and time periods for benchmarking and performance optimizations.

Improved product traceability

Improved product traceability.

The report function easily summarizes all measured characteristics from each production lot. Thus, traceability is enhanced and decisions about product releases can be taken in very little time.

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