Improving dryer yield with intelligence.

What is MoisturePro?

MoisturePro is an intelligent drying solution for food and feed processors offering real-time, continuous moisture management. Harnessing the power of cloud connectivity and the Internet of Things, it drives significant improvements in yield, and reduces energy costs and environmental impact, while ensuring food and feed safety. Secure and reliable, it is one of a suite of digital services available on the Bühler Insights cloud platform.

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Key facts about MoisturePro

Yearly savings

3000000 USD

With MoisturePro sustaining a 1 percent increase in dryer discharge moisture content, a yearly yield savings of USD 300,000 is possible for a typical feed dryer operation.

Uncover greater profits

6000000 USD

Using Bühler's processing expertise and consultancy, customers have realized more than $600,000 in savings in unseen operational costs.

Reduce environmental footprint

Less energy

MoisturePro optimizes the dryer’s performance, using less energy, and more efficient use of raw materials.

How does MoisturePro work

With MoisturePro, Bühler has developed a revolutionary moisture control system for food and feed processors that continually optimizes the dryer, thereby increasing the dryer yield, using less energy and raw materials.

A process that saves energy and spendings


Production data

Production data, including moisture content and other variables, is continually collected from a network of sensors.

Cloud platform

On our Microsoft Azure based cloud platform, the data is run through proprietary algorithms, developed on decades of drying expertise.

Real time

Dryer controls are manipulated in real time, continually optimizing the drying process, achieving the perfect moisture content.

Saving energy

Based on the real time and continuous nature of MoisturePro, over or under drying is prevented, increasing yield and saving energy.

Benefits of using MoisturePro

Improved product consistency

Improved product consistency.

Improved energy efficiency

Improved energy efficiency.

Real time control

Real time control – anytime anywhere.

Reduced raw material costs

Reduced raw material costs.

How IoT increases profitability and sustainability at the dryer

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