Improving dryer yield with intelligence.

What is MoisturePro?

MoisturePro is a new automated approach to achieving tighter moisture specification by using intelligent data, real-time monitoring,and continuous feedback to optimize dryer operations.

By sustaining the optimum moisture content, pet and aqua feed producers can increase profitability, cut waste, and reduce production costs.

Key facts about MoisturePro

Yearly savings

3000000 USD

With MoisturePro sustaining a 1 percent increase in dryer discharge moisture content, a yearly yield savings of USD 300,000 is possible for a typical feed dryer operation.

Liver Cancer


Aflatoxin causes up to 155,000 cases of liver cancer.

Childrens Health


It contributes to stunting the growth of millions of children.

How does MoisturePro work

MoisturePro Moisture Control can increase production yield for petfood processors by continually monitoring product moisture content at the dryer discharge and automatically adjusting the dryer in real time. Even small percentage increases in yield can have a significant impact on profitability.

Benefits of using MoisturePro

Improved yield.

Improved energy efficiency.

Improved product consistency.

Reduced raw material costs.

A process that saves energy and spendings

Good agricultural practices help prevent aflatoxin. This includes using the right seeds, proper crop rotation and pest management, and good irrigation.

Good post-harvest processing helps prevent aflatoxin. This includes properly drying and storing crops, and also protecting them from pests.

Eliminating contaminated grains by cleaning with classifiers, aspiration, and optical sorting can help prevent aflatoxin from reaching the food chain.

LumoVision optical sorters reduce aflatoxin contamination in maize. Yield loss with this system is less than 5% compared to 7-25% with conventional sorters.

A cloud-based solution enables real-time risk analysis for precision processing to maximize productivity and deliver an unprecedented level of accuracy.

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