Laatu - Microbial Reduction Solution

Enhancing food integrity, traceability and sustainability through digitalisation.

What is Laatu

Laatu is a sustainable microbial reduction solution for industrial dry food processing. It offers an efficient reduction of harmful microorganisms including spores, with field trials consistently reporting 5-Log (>99.999%) reduction or more on Salmonella with minimal or no impact on quality: nutrients, taste, smell, and appearance.

Laatu does not introduce chemicals, water or radioactive sources and due to its small footprint it can be easily integrated into existing processes.

With a connection to Bühler Insights, Laatu can be used as a powerful tool in food safety auditing. Laatu is released for spices and introduction to other dry food markets is under development.

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Key facts about Laatu

Efficient reduction


or more on Salmonella in milliseconds.

Up to

800% less

energy usage in comparison to steam.

Preserving food


As a non-thermal, surface treatment.

How it works

How Laatu works

Laatu features specialized and contained lamps that generate a cloud of low energy electrons. Each seed or grain free-falls into the contained area and is homogenously exposed to the electrons, inactivating pathogenic microorganisms present. This process is done in milliseconds. Due to the limited penetration depth of low energy electrons the technology offers a gentle surface treatment, preserving the quality of the core parts of the food.

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Benefits of using Laatu

Improving food safety

Improving food safety Significantly reduces harmful microorganisms such as Salmonella, E.coli and spores

Better preservation of a food

Better preservation of a food nutritional value, taste and appearance. A non-thermal solution using gentle surface treatment.

Environmentally and economically sustainable solution

Environmentally and economically sustainable solution. The process does not introduce heat, water, chemicals or radioactive sources.

Small footprint and easy to use

Small footprint and easy to use. Easy to integrate into existing plants and easy to operate with a recipe-based interface with a short cleaning time.

Improved traceability

Improved traceability. By connecting Laatu to Bühler Insights, food safety management is brought to the next level.

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