Innovative on-site microbial reduction solution

What is Laatu

Laatu is a non-thermal and chemical-free microbial reduction solution  for spices. With the help of Laatu, you can guarantee unmatched product quality with a validated 5-log reduction of Salmonella whilst ensuring maximum preservation of nutrients and sensory attributes.  

As an on-site microbial reduction solution, Laatu is accessible 24/7. Enjoy superior reliability, flexibility and minimal downtime without any concerns relating to product transport or logistics. 

The technology is easy to use with continuous performance monitoring and automated quality reports made to support traceability programs.

Laatu offers a chemical-free and water-free solution with minimized  costs, low energy consumption and minimal to zero product waste.

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Key facts about Laatu


240 / 70


Up to


less energy usage in comparison to steam.

Less than

10 hour

cleaning time

How it works

How Laatu works

The product free-falls between low-energy electron beam lamps. Each seed is surrounded by electrons to ensure complete surface microbial reduction. Non-thermal surface treatment guarantees maximum quality preservation of important nutrients and sensory attributes, such as aroma, flavor and appearance.

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Benefits of using Laatu

Long-term peace of mind

Long-term peace of mind with automatic performance monitoring functionality. Continuous monitoring and recording system ensures that the equipment operates within critical limits. Automated quality reports are created for every batch to support traceability programs.

Better preservation of a food

Unmatched product quality with a validated 5-log reduction. Attain the highest quality end-product with continuous process and pre-set parameters fitted to your requirements.

Environmentally and economically sustainable solution

Reduced environmental footprint. Chemical-free and water-free solution with low energy consumption and minimal to zero product waste contribute to lower overall running costs.

Small footprint and easy to use

Minimal downtime with on-site solution, accessible 24/7. Laatu can be implemented anywhere in the processing line, with 24/7 access without any concerns relating to product transport or logistics.

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