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Get the best out of every process – 24/7

Bühler’s Insights IoT solution monitors, analyzes and adjusts industrial processes to make them more efficient. It can work with any production process to improve quality and yield, and reduce waste, carbon emissions, water and energy. With the Bühler Insights IoT platform, every machine in your plant can run as if your best operator is on the job around the clock. 


Key facts about Bühler Insights

Digital services


We're currently developing over 50 digital services.


ISO/IEC 27001

Bühler Insights is currently applying for the strictest international certification standard.

Reduce energy waste

500 %

Our goal is to reduce waste and energy consumption by 50%.

 Are you aware of the amazing opportunities Bühler Insights offers to your production process?

The Smart Chocolate Factory is a self-optimizing digital service for dosing, mixing, refining, and conching lines. It's a digital factory that communicates with sensors to increase performance, reduce operational costs and keep quality at target.

Bühler Insights

Step 1: Monitor and gather

Sensors monitor the production process and gather valuable data. Smart sensors enable the quality of the process to be measured. Measuring the quality of a process is essential to maximizing potential.


Step 2: Send data for analysis

The sensors send data to Bühler Insights for analysis and visualization. Bühler draws on its 150 years of process know-how to derive real value from the collected data, ensuring optimal efficiency.

Step 3: Optimize processes

Depending on the digital service required, Bühler can optimize production processes in real time – it is like having your best, most experienced operator at your production line at all times. 

Step 4: Customized information

The complete analysis is displayed on a dashboard. It can be viewed in the control room of a factory, a computer or a tablet. Users can customize the information they need based on their specific needs. 

Maximizing efficiency with IoT

IoT technology enables clients to remotely access critical production data practically in real time, and so make crucial decisions about machine performance, tolerance levels, and more. That key data provides information to optimize production. It also enables users to diagnose and solve system malfunctions remotely, dramatically cutting wasteful downtime. 

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