Unveiling yield at anytime anywhere.

What is GrainiGo?

Analyze the quality of your yield from a sample of kernels: Bühler's new quality control tool GrainiGoTM brings you the advantages of instant quality analysis and Internet of Things.

GrainiGoTM is a low-cost solution for reliable and consistent quality assurance. It’s portable and easy to use, allowing you to deploy it at any point in your production. 


What does GrainiGo analyze?

The mobile maize (corn) analyzer is able to identify following quality parameters in a sample:

Unveiling yield at anytime anywhere.

Curious? Dive in to world of maize analysis.

Today, maize is one of the most consumed food crops in the world. And not only for human nutrition but also for feed. But how can we ensure that the best quality products end up on our plates?

This is why Bühler has created a technology capable of assessing yield and quality parameters from a sample of kernels. GrainiGoTM improves food and feed safety at your plant. And you can maximize profits at the same time.


How does it work?


GrainiGoTM is easy to use. You don’t need any specific knowledge nor training.

Just take a picture of the sample with your smartphone and upload it to the Bühler cloud. It’s as simple as that.

Within minutes you receive your quality report directly to your smartphone. Download your report, access the data on your account or export it. Available at anytime anywhere.


Fast & objective

Fast & objective results.

Increased quality control & traceability

Increased quality control & traceability.

Portable design & easy to use

Portable design & easy to use.

Low-cost solution


Get started now.

Package includes

Unlimited access to our cloud based analysis

Up to 10 users per account

Briefcase incl. trays, box, lights, battery and adapter

Support by our GrainiGoTM experts

$ 8900/year

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