Autonomous refining

The self-optimising chocolate line


What is autonomous refining?

Autonomous refining is the first step of the path to the self-optimising the chocolate line. Intelligent algorithms on actor/ sensor systems allow the machines to optimise themselves. On top of that, they communicate each other in order to improve the complete line performance. 

By running the machines constantly on their highest possible performance, the producers can gain stability in the end product quality, a constant high OEE and sustainable operational savings.

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Benefits of using autonomous refining

Constantly high OEE and consistent quality

Constantly high OEE and consistent quality

Operational savings

Operational savings

Transparency in information availability

Transparency in information availability

How autonomous refining works

Watch how Bühler helps you to self-optimise the chocolate line

Key facts about autonomous refining

Capacity increase

Up to 15%

By constantly controlled roll coverage, independent of raw material fluctuations or operator skills, available 24/7.

Operational savings

Up to 25%

As a result of higher efficiency, labour cost reduction and savings on service costs.               

Constant quality

Up to 50%

Less rework due to constant production conditions and real time online quality control.

Do you want to know more?

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Fabian Dintheer
Product Manager

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