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Digitalization and the Internet of Things are opening up tremendous opportunities for the food processing industry. Digitalization unlocks the potential to reduce waste and energy by 50% in the food value. Learn more about how the new Bühler Insights acts as an umbrella for all our digital solutions and will be a key driver for the further digitalization of our businesses.

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Laatu: Enhancing food integrity, traceability and sustainability through digitalization

An innovation set to revolutionize and disrupt current microbial reduction techniques in the dry food industry. Non-thermal, chemical-free technology that destroys foodborne pathogens including spores within milliseconds, with minimal or no impact to the food quality.

With a connection to Bühler Insights, Laatu can also be used as a powerful tool in food safety auditing.

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Maize, the world's main cereal crop, can be affected by aflatoxin, a naturally occurring toxin that is highly carcinogenic. 500 million people worldwide are at risk of exposure to it. It is estimated to cause up to 150,000 cases of liver cancer a year and contribute to stunting in millions of children. The economic impact on farmers, food processors and the economy is significant. Bühler launched the breakthrough sorting technology LumoVision for maize, making a major contribution to addressing this urgent challenge.



Today, maize is one of the most consumed food crops in the world. And not only for human nutrition but also for feed. But how can we ensure that the best quality products end up on our plates?


Bühler's new quality control tool GrainiGoTM brings you the advantages of instant maize quality analysis and Internet of Things. 

MoisturePro is an intelligent drying solution for food and feed processors offering real-time, continuous moisture management.Harnessing the power of cloud connectivity and the Internet of Things, it drives significant improvements in yield, and reduces energy costs and environmental impact, while ensuring food and feed safety.                                                                     


The PreMa App is Bühler´s latest digital solution to support safe grain storage. Machine Condition and Silo Bin Monitoring helps reduce risk for managers and operators at the storage stage of the food production process. This mobile solution measures and tracks the key functions of the key machine types that make up a silo plant: Cleaning machines, filters, elevators, chain conveyors and silo bins.


Ensuring consistent, top quality is one of the main concerns of every pasta producer. PastaSenseTM is an innovative Bühler solution that - compared to infrequent, manual sampling - significantly improves quality monitoring. It continually records raw material and pasta characteristics in-line along the entire production process.


TotalSense is a mobile rice analyzer that provides for quick and objective quality control. The customer submits a photo of a rice sample and receives a quality report, including an analysis of broken rice grains. TotalSense reduces the time for rice quality checks by up to ten times.

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